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The company making packaging from Seaweed— Notpla

Notpla is a family of regenerative packaging materials, made from seaweed and plants. Behind these products is a company of the same name.
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Releaf Paper

Releaf— Eco friendly packaging made from fallen leaves

Releaf is the world’s first manufacturer of sustainable paper and packaging from fallen leaves.
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Moses-West-Halcyon—Purpose driven branding and digital marketing agency

Transforming Lives Through Water— Moses West

Meet Moses West— the man who's built a machine that can conjure water out of air. His aim? To end droughts forever.
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Halcyon — Purpose driven branding and digital marketing agency

Shellworks Vivomer— the packaging that never becomes waste

Vivomer is an innovative plastic alternative: a completely vegan, compostable mono-material, made with microorganisms.
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We Are Nature

Currently, UK dictionary definitions of the word 'Nature' exclude humans. The #WeAreNature campaign is a grassroots movement to change this.
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